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Local News! for Tyler / Longview

Photo, taken 2014-08-21 09:26:59

TJC Apache Belles announce 67th line

“These announcements have been a tradition since the 1980s,” Schaefer said. “They are an emotional and exciting time for every Apache Belle, both past and present.”

ArtsView Bravo Players

ArtsView Children’s Theatre Auditions for Bravo Players Fall Show Choir, Ages 9-12

ArtsView Children’s Theatre continues its tenth year anniversary celebration with auditions for the Bravo Players Fall Show Choir for children ages 9-12!

Photo, taken 2014-08-18 12:08:04

Last Week to Enter the Stage Rage Contest at E.T. State Fair in Tyler

Spread the word! If you or someone you know thinks they deserve a spot on stage, now's the chance! Three winners will be selected to perform at the fair on 9/21, so make your entries count!

Bill Gleason and wife Karen

Opera House Theatre Players Ynot Awards Recipients

Brianna Tackett, 8 months old, was presented a special Ynot award as the youngest actor ever on stage with the group.

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