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Sunday, September 16, 2012 , Updated 8:50 p.m., September 16, 2012

Ally Venable Band entertains at the Back Porch

Ally is only thirteen, but she is on a fast development track.

— I stopped in at the Back Porch in Kilgore last night to catch the Ally Venable Band's performance. I have seen Ally do a solo show, and in a number of jams over the last year or so, but this was my first chance to see her with her own backing band.

It is really gratifying to see and hear young performers develop their abilities as they work hard and gain more experience. Ally is certainly one of those, as both her singing and playing show remarkable progress in the short time I have known her.

Ally is only thirteen, but she is without a doubt someone who is on a fast development track.

I spoke briefly with Sammy Brasher, Ally's guitar teacher and lead guitarist in the band, and I remarked that her guitar work had improved greatly since I saw her last. "Ally is making phenomenal progress," said Brasher, and continued that she could be playing lead in just a short amount time.

The other members of the band are Mark Lumpkin on bass guitar and Mark Wynn on drums.

Ally's next gig is an acoustic duo performance, with Brasher, at K. E. Cellars in Tyler. Don't miss 'em if you can help it.

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Publisher's Note

Amen,praying and wishing You and Ronnie the best.God has His plan.

Fuzzy Biggs

Fuzzy is awesome he has worked Sound for Ally Venable many tes and She just loves him, Fuzzy is a gr

Fuzzy Biggs

Thank you for your feedback DOG! I agree, Fuzzy is the man!! Him and Carol took me under wing when I

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